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Frequently Asked Questions

About New Zealand Vault

Who is New Zealand Vault?

New Zealand Vault is an independently owned company which runs safety deposit box vaults located in Auckland and Wellington, and a bullion depository in Wellington. We provide storage options to both domestic clients and clients located all over the world. New Zealand Vault also provides a buy and sell bullion service through www.nzvaultbullion.com. We offer a range of gold, silver and platinum coins and bars sourced from one of the largest bullion providers in the USA.

We are independent of the banking system and government. New Zealand Vault is a continuation of the vault business first established by New Zealand Insurance in 1931. Our vaults have been built to Treasury Grade and in addition they have multi-level electronic security systems making them the most secure in the country.

Who is behind New Zealand Vault?

New Zealand Vault is managed by a board of directors:

John Mulvey: Managing Director, former senior executive within the banking sector and founder of business consulting firm, Prosys Limited.

Mark Thomson: Founder of EFTPOS New Zealand and professional Director.

New Zealand Vault is 90% owned by John and Paula Mulvey’s family trust and 10% by Mark and Debbie Thomson’s family trust.

Purchasing Bullion

How do I purchase bullion?

Purchasing bullion through New Zealand Vault is a simple online process. Firstly, you will need to open a bullion account. Please click here to get started. Keep your username and password handy as you’ll need be logged in to your account before you can confirm any purchases.

When you have your bullion account set up, you will be able to obtain a live quote for purchasing bullion that you are able to save and go back to when you are ready to purchase. You need to have sufficient funds deposited into New Zealand Vault’s US Dollar foreign currency account before you can confirm a purchase. For information on how to deposit funds please click here.

Once you have deposited sufficient funds to purchase the products you want, then you are ready to purchase bullion. Create a live quote by clicking on the bullion products that you would like to purchase through www.nzvault.com, add the quantity you would like to purchase and click “Add to Quote”. To view your live quote and make any changes click on the “View Live Quote” button in the top right-hand corner of the page. Once you are happy with the quantities and types of products, check you have deposited sufficient funds with New Zealand Vault, you can lock in the purchase by clicking on “Confirm Purchase”. Once you have confirmed the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email of your order from New Zealand Vault. We will also email you when your bullion arrives at the vault.

Please watch our short You Tube video explaining how to open a bullion account with New Zealand Vault here.

What currency am I being charged in?

All prices are in US dollars.

Does New Zealand Vault buy back bullion?

New Zealand Vault can facilitate a buy back with our bullion wholesaler if the bullion was purchased from us and has remained in a safety deposit box or in our bullion depository. If the bullion was not purchased through New Zealand Vault or it has been withdrawn from our secure vaults then we cannot guarantee the chain of integrity for the bullion. In this instance it will need to be sent back to our wholesaler in the USA for assaying purposes before a buy back can be confirmed. This process can take up to 2 weeks.

Storing Bullion purchased through New Zealand Vault

How do I open a safety deposit box or storage account in the bullion depository?

Not only can you purchase bullion through New Zealand Vault, but you can also store with us in either our safety deposit box vaults or our bullion depository. For more information on these services please visit www.nzvault.com and click on ‘storage options’ from the main menu.

How safe are New Zealand Vault facilities?

New Zealand Vault has been providing New Zealander's peace of mind since 1931. When the trading banks decided to exit the safety deposit market, after careful due diligence they each independently chose New Zealand Vault to take over their safety deposit services.

Our Wellington vaults, where offshore bullion will be held have been built to the highest standards (Treasury Grade), and fitted with the most sophisticated multi-level electronic protection available. Our vaults are monitored 24/7 to provide you complete peace of mind.

New Zealand Vault has partnered with international accountancy firm Grant Thornton, based in New Zealand, to act on behalf of the client by: checking that the bullion received matches what the client ordered; together with the New Zealand Vault custodian they will deposit that bullion into the clients’ safety deposit box or within a safe; holding the box key or safe code in their own safety deposit box; and finally writing to the client to confirm that the bullion has been verified and placed into the clients safety deposit box or into a safe within the bullion depository.

Each safety deposit box has a two key system; one held by New Zealand Vault and the other held by Grant Thornton. Both keys are required in order to open the safety deposit box. New Zealand Vault cannot access the clients’ safety deposit box without the key held by Grant Thornton and Grant Thornton cannot access it without the New Zealand Vault’s key.

The Bullion Depository works on a two code system; one held by New Zealand Vault and the other held by Grant Thornton. Both codes are required in order to open the safe. New Zealand Vault will not access the clients’ bullion holding without the code held by Grant Thornton and Grant Thornton cannot access it without the New Zealand Vault code.

Both New Zealand Vault and Grant Thornton will act only on customers written instructions.

If clients are ever in New Zealand they are most welcome to come to our Wellington vault and view their bullion. However, because we will need to have the Grant Thornton representative also open the box or safe to remove the bullion, we ask that we have 24 hours notice so that we can arrange for them to be there to meet you.

Can I send existing bullion I own to New Zealand Vault for storage?

Yes you can. We can arrange for shipment of existing bullion to our facilities. As long as the bullion meets certain purity levels, it will be exempt from customs duty. Please contact us for more information on the process.


What's the best way to contact you?

Email us at: support@nzvault.com

Phone: To speak to one of our representatives you can phone us on +64 4 499 9333.

In the USA, please phone after 1pm on the West Coast and after 4pm on the East Coast. During the United States daylight savings months New Zealand is 16 hours ahead of the United States East Coast and 19 hours ahead of the West Coast.


New Zealand Vault Limited
PO Box 10206
Wellington 6143
New Zealand
Physical Delivery:
New Zealand Vault Limited
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State Insurance Tower
1 Willis Street
Wellington 6011
New Zealand

What are your terms of service?

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What is your privacy policy?

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